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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. randy: bak the aftermath of a tornado warning. and the outlook for the rest of this day. >> a woman's death under investigators in winchester, the circumstances raising questions this morning. randy: new developments in singer prince's death, as pills were found at his estate. the counterfeit drugs with one powerful ingredient on the eye
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the damage left behind by overnight storms. you can see tree limbs down on the road there. utility crews working on the power lines. tornado warning issued early this morning. that has since expired. and the threat of serious storms has passed at this point. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price with mike and cindy fitzgibbon. >> mostly severe weather between 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning. that, which is really unusual, so the national weather service will be sending out a survey, was it a tornado or a straight line wind? they will be looking at a number of things as they try to determine what happened. right now what we're looking at, the rain down through the south shore and the cape. this is where we're seeing the heaviest downpours right now, and inland, look at this, the skies are starting to clear away, but the one that gave us all of the excitement came right through here and completely offshore and we're done with
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skies clearing. but here we go before cohasset down through the canal and towards new bedford, a nice cell, as well, lifting northward, and this area of moisture wants to lift its way up over the cape. we need the rain, and i don't think that we're going to be seeing severe weather with this one, so that is good news all around. how about the skies? we're pushing the skies down to the south shore, and eventually, we do kick it through the cape so take you longer, but you will get to enjoy the look, one thing to keep in mind, the winds will be out of the northwest, and rather busy as they drive in that drier air around us. let's go over to sera, how do things look out there? send >> it's quite a mess, i am in the backyard of a home along cambridge turnpike, and you can see what a mess. you can see this large treetop he would. several other branches, other
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several parts of the area, the focus is on lexington road. police have shut that down entirely, and they are warning them to stay away from the area and downed trees because of any potentially live wires that the trees might have pulled down, as well. cambridge fire, telling me at this point there are no known injuries from this storm that passed through here this morning. and most of the reports are about trees leaning against homes, not so much dag homes. but now that it's a bit brighter, there is more daylight, they are hoping to get a better assessment. they are calling a second alarm because they were not able to drive down the roads because of the trees and the utility poles that have come down. they are walking home to home, but no known injuries at this point. we will keep you posted with any updates. live from concord, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5.
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for us. randy: doug is in marlborough. doug? doug: randy and emily, it's interesting, some folks are starting to wake up, coming out of their moments and neighbors are saying what's going on? and everything is fine in my house. i have got power. not the case for some folks in other parts of the street. as you can see, we have a tree down, into the wires up there, and we actually have the tree company, tree removal service that's on the site right now, and the national grid pulled out, the treeuy and they are going to try to remove the debris before they can get to the wires and get the power back on here in town. we're in the southeast section of marlborough at the height of the storm, about 2,000 people without power, but the main part of the town is back on, and everybody is running up and just kind of a normal morning, assessing the damage. the video from earlier kind of gives you a sense of what it was like in the darkness but other than a few trees down, a few branches, and a few folks without power, given what it
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the typical great train, a guy that lives in the house behind us, sounded just like that, but so far, so good. live in marlborough, doug meehan, newscenter 5. >> thanks. we can see walker street shut down there, olessa, portions of concord also impacted? olessa: yes, lexington road is closed because of the storm damage, and i will show you that in a second, as well as delays on the expressway, northbound side, you can see that volume, a bit heavier than usual for this time of the morning, and they are approaching an accident up ahead some crews just went past this camera so expect that volume up ahead. once again, that closure on lexington road still out there in concord, downed tree limbs and power lines and power outages, and we're watching the jack-knifed tractor trailer from 495 to the pike, the pike, itself, 15, 495 to 128, as you head farther east we're watching a couple of disabled cars on 128 northbound at highland avenue, something fell off of a truck and a couple of cars hit it, so
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south, that crash on the expressway, by sabin hill, 25 minutes from braintree into boston, and we're watching delays on 93 south and also some delays here on route 1. northbound a crash at webster avenue. southbound, stop and stare volume, and 93 slow, trains and buses, no problems. they are running on schedule. >> thank you, and right now police are trying to solve a mystery in the winchester neighborhood after a woman was found dead there. >> how she died still is in the clear. take a look. i night on edgewater place. investigates were on that scene for hours. we're told police were called to the home at 2:00 yesterday afternoon for a report of an unresponsive woman, but it's not clear how she died. we don't know if this is a homicide investigation or if her death is considered suspicious. her name is not being released. and new this morning, victims of a deadly meningitis outbreak stemming from a framingham pharmacy will not be able to
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november. douglas and carla conigliaro pleaded guilty to hiding thousands of dollars after the new england compounding center declared bankruptcy. 5 investigates, the first to report that the victims reached a settlement with any necc owners. but a judge is denying victim impact statements saying that conigliaro did not have a direct hand in compounding tainted steroid injections. randy: police are investigating a mystery in east boston. one woman is dead and involving a party bus. this happened on mcclellan highway on sunday morning. it's not clear what the victims were doing when they were hurt as the company operating the bus is cooperating with the police investigation. a sales manager from entourage delivery says the driver is on temporary leave during the investigation. >> the main thing that we want to offer our condolences to the family, that's the most important thing. >> the surviving victim is
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emily: right now president barack obama is back at the white house after a vacation on martha's vineyard but won't be in washington for long. the president is preparing to visit the site of devastating flooding along the gulf coast, and erika tarantal is tracking details from that battered region. >> the president will survey the severe flooding. 3,000 people are in shelters there and $30 million in federal housing assistance has been approved for louisiana. in some cases, what's left of their lives. it is discarded and soaked on the front lawn. >> it happened fast. it's sad. you do what you have got to do. we saved the lives. thanks to him and my brother. they put everything as high as they could. erika: there is some progress in this season of extreme weather.
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homes in northern california is 95% contained. and the fire in lower lake was ruled an arson. in other areas of the state, evacuation orders are being lifted, firefighters get a handle on some of the other firefighters. emily. emily: donald trump is heading for another battleground state. he will hold a rally in ohio tonight, but his campaign is doing some damage control over this comment. >> why do, what do you have to lose? you are living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no >> for many in the african-american community, this is not how most live, in poverty, and mr. trump was making those comments in communities that are more than 90% white. >> those are for all americans, and i live in a white community, i am white. i was very moved by his comment, in other words, he is trying to tell americans that we can do better. >> most polls show trump trailing hillary clinton by five percentage points, and clinton is off the campaign trail today
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cash. she attended a fundraiser in province town featuring singer and actress cher. clinton's finance director says her campaign is halfway to the goal of raising a billion dollars for the 2016 race. randy: new developments in the investigation into singer prince's death. pills taken from his home were found to contain the opioid sentinel, and officials say the drugs were corie blount five-hit and discovered inside aspirin and vitamin bottles tucked in a suitcase. autopsy results show he died of a fentanyl overdose, and investigates are still looking into how he got those drugs. >> this morning, the torch has been passed and athletes are heading home from an exhilarating and tumultuous summer olympics. simone biles carried the american flag high for team usa during last night's closing ceremonies in rio. the olympic stadium, a glow in fireworks for one final night,
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the site of the next summer games in 2020. and here's the final medal count, 121 medals for team usa, including 46 gold for american athletes, and who dominated the games, and china and great britain complete the top three. randy: 11 minutes after 6:00 on this monday morning, and in your health, tracking the zika virus, the state's most likely to be affected if the virus continues to spread. and a homecoming for a civil war veteran. the effort bringing nearly a century after his death. emily: and keys to making your groceries last longer. the trick that will save you money, and we are following breaking news overnight. this is a look at some of the storm damage in marlborough. the tree removal crews are on the scene trying to get the limbs off the power lines. mike taking a look at the rest of the day. >> the storm threat is moving offshore, the skies will clear, cooler air will feel really nice once it moves in here, but as
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moving rapidly off to the east, and i look for clearing across the entire area by 10:00 this morning. we'll talk more about the chilly temperatures coming into the forecast tomorrow morning as the
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emily: breaking overnight, storms creating damage and prompting a tornado warning. sky5 is live here in concord,
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between cambridge turnpike and old bedford road, closed at this point. people urged to stay away from this area as they try to clean up. you can see the limbs there. marlborough also has damage and folks without power there in certain sections of the city you, so really seems like where you got hit, you got hit hard. >> and isolated areas, and that's why the national weather service is going to send out a team. they are going to say because sometimes what we think is a tornado because it's isolated actually could be a microburst in one area. that's w way but we'll let the team take a closer look. the roadways are closed up around there. >> yes, some of the smaller roadways, the major roads are doing ok. that's good news. >> and hey, here's the best news. the rain. we finally got a bit of this, and depending on where you are at, you may have picked up as much as an inch of rain. it came down in a short period of time. a lot of it ran off but a lot of it ran into the ground, and that's what we need. we have been so incredibly dry that this is going to be beneficial news.
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but i think we're going to get good rain totals from there because there is more rain off-shore trying to lift to that direction. look at the north shore, and absolutely nothing going on. the rain is almost out of the radar ranger. clear off the screen, and then if you look through the south shore, through marshfield and plymouth, you have to join us a half hour ago, this is a good rainstorm, down to a few scattered showers at best, the heaviest rain is cutting right across the canal. new bedford, up through sandwich, and lifting in this direction. it probably gets the bit going on down to the south. and as this lifts northward, hopefully you will get the chatham area because we need rain every place that you can think of. here's what will happen, as we head through this morning, 8:00, down to a few scattered sprinkles and on the outer cape, otherwise the skies are clearing, most of you are looking at sunshine, and with the clear skies out there, you would think the sun will bake us, and no. what's happening is the drier air is moving in, and the humidity is dropping off, and the humidity will be pushed down
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air flowing in over the top of us, and with that, it's going to make the temperatures feel refreshing out there. look over the city, you can see the thunderstorms off the shore, but look at the blue skies that are sitting out there. a few spots on the camera lens. 68 degrees dewpoint, you if you joined me earlier this morning at 3:00 or 4:00, the dewpoint was up around 70. it was really sticky. now look what's happening. it's dropped to 63. i mentioned the winds will pick up a bit. as we head through the morning they are out of the they will stay strong all afternoon long, and 15, 25 miles per hour, and by this evening, they diminish considerably, and settle down. so with the dying wind, the low humidity, the clear skies, and check out tomorrow morning, we're in the 50s, some places maybe into the upper 40s. rebounding into the upper 70s, as the high temperatures for the day, wednesday, the humidity is low but if you want a taste of summer, you get it. 86 degrees, low humidity, thursday, humidity starts to come up just a bit. not a lot but a bit.
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with that chance of humidity, more thunderstorms. scattered in nature but we had an active morning this morning, and i think that's really, you know, if you don't have to drive on the streets you are fine. olessa: on the major roadways with the exception of a couple of incidents but not have the weather. >> ok. >> and sky 5 on the scene, some of the problem spots, this is in concord and lexington road, remains shut down and this is why you can see the downed trees and power lines reported in the area, so if you are heading secondary and smaller roadways are looking at conditions like this, especially in concord and in marlborough. over to the maps that road is shut down you just saw live. this is in concord on lexington road between old bedford and cambridge turnpike. that stretch of the roadway at this point is closed. also watching a few problem spots along the 495 stretch northbound at the pike on the ramp. a jack-knifed tractor trailer. the ramp is blocked, eastbound, 15 minutes, 495 to 128. several disabled cars on 128 northbound by highland avenue.
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on the side of the road and heavy delays on the expressway, approaching sabin hill, the backup a half-hour. still watching this crash by webster avenue, another accident coming in 93 south, right by 128, reportedly two lanes closed, trains and buses on schedule. emily. >> all right, thank you. a final trip home for a civil war veteran, the remains of private jewett williams have been in oregon since he died in 1922, but now he's finally back home in maine. private williams served with the 20th main volunteer infantry, after his death, no relatives claims him. the patriot guard riders escorting, they finished escorting his remains on the motorcycle across 19 states, and dozens gathered for a ceremony to honor the vet's life. >> as a fellow veteran, i believe that we have to pay respects to all of our vets since no matter past, present, or future. and this is just my way of
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>> and private williams was 78 when he died. he will be buried at a veteran's cemetery in maine next month. >> and your health for this monday morning, and new concerns over the potential spread of the zika virus, experts at the national weather service institute of health say that the states along the gulf coast are the most at risk of an outbreak, and that's because the ongoing flooding in that region is increasing that risk. >> i would not be surprised if we see cases in texas and louisiana, but particularly now where you have the siton problems getting rid of standing water. >> so far the only confirmed mosquito-bourne mosquito cases have been found in two, greater miami neighborhoods, the state of florida, and the cdc are stepping up efforts to control that region's population of mosquitoes. >> groceries are never cheap, but there are a few tricks here to make things last longer, and of course, save you money. >> and novel ideas at that.
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in ten parts of water and one part of vinegar, and that will help to kill mold spores and help the berries last up to two weeks, and how about a banana? wrap the stems in plastic and they produce a gas that causes the fruit to ripen faster. and finally, spices are expensive, so you will want to keep them as long as you can. experts say that you can put items like eye yen and chili powder and paprika in the fridge. light and heat make them lose there. all right, still ahead, some creepy evidence of something scary in maine. randy: that's ahead in eyepoppers. erika: and open tolling, an alert coming with the technology and why it's raising privacy concerns, and a neighborhood banning together after an act of vandalism, how they sent a message of unity in the face of intolerance, and we continue to follow breaking news. this is some of the storm damage in concord.
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work. we have reports all morning
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narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party te. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible
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mike: here's the radar right now, heaviest rains over the cape and the south shore but you back up to 245, and here's what it looked like. that's why we had a tornado warning issued. it moved out and it is gone and we are dealing with conditions where we see 82 degrees today but check out tomorrow. cool and dry, and 78, a bit warmer on wince. and as this feel of summer returns, and a high temperature right at 86 degrees. emily. emily: 6:25, time for your monday eyepoppers. olessa: and gross. take a look, this shows a snake skin found along a river outside of portland. a popular area for swimming and boating. they will do tests to find out what kind of snake it is. i don't personally care. it is gross either way. they have warned people to be on the lookout after they saw a large snake eat a beaver and swim across the river back in june. >> yikes! >> sorry, randy. and the pokemon craze catching on in australia, and checking
6:26 am
pokemon characters, making them for a limited time, and they have a theme. the burger is grassy and clean, and sharmander, spicy. they come randomly. the pronunciation is con fusing with the pokemon. >> i think you said it right. olessa: someone caught -- taught me, randy price. randy: i know the pokemon stuff. into effect. the law giving people new power to help animals in need. and sky5 is live over con in order at this hour. we're tracking the storm damage in the overnight hours. you may have missed this. a number of communities are affected. we know that the national weather service will be sending out a team to survey the damage, and to determine what it was, and we'll have an update from the hardest hit areas next on new england's eyeopener for this
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>> it is 6:30, the eyeopener, we're following breaking news on this monday morning. all warnings have expired after tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings were issued in the overnight hours. >> and the storms leaving some serious damage behind. you are taking a live look here from sky 5 over lexington road in concord. you can see trees down over the roadways there, and that portion
6:30 am
have crews there, as well as in marlborough this morning with other damage, we'll see more of that in a minute but first, we want to check in with mike and the forecast because major improvements from here on out. >> dramatic improvements. this all happened between 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning. and you can see what's left, we have clearing skies off here, the area that we had more damage taking place, that has moved off the shore, and as you look down to the south we're almost done with the rain. the only place getting more rain is towards the cape and the islands. we'll clip the cape with rains out of this whole thing because we have not seen that much rain over the cape yet. and here's the way the maps look 59 8:30. basically clearing the skies away, and as we head through, it looks like we're getting more and more sunshine in here, and it's going to be a bit breezy in the wind department, out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour. and temperature-wise today, nice and comfortable with high temperatures in the upper 70s. but between 3:00 and 4:00, we had some good thunderstorms moving their way through, and
6:31 am
a survey to find out, what it trait line winds or a tornado. let's go to doug meehan to see what it looks like on the grounds. how does it look, doug? doug: we're on walker street, and to give you a sense of what's happening, we have the national grid and some tree removal service here in town, that's trying to remove some of the damage that happened during the overnight hours, and it was wild and wooly in here for a brief moment, topplth spotty power outages in town. some folks, other than a rain, really didn't have much of a problem but the gentleman that lives in that home, and some of the folks further up the street are without power. we're just east of 85 here in town, and the other parts of town are doing pretty good. the folks that were borrowing their driveway here, to stand in, they did not lose any power at all, so it's kind of a hit or miss situation out here. and we'll continue to give you
6:32 am
live in marlborough, doug meehan, newscenter 5, randy. randy: thank you. we had sky5 over the scene in concord, and some neighborhoods there, have been hit hard by the severe weather. >> and sera is there in one of those spots right now, sera? sera: we are seeing more damage here this morning is he travel around on hawthorne lane, and you can see the tree is uprooted in the front yard of the home, the resident inside, she said jenna, that she was woken up this m incredibly scary, and she thought that she was going to die, what you don't see is behind the house, another six or seven trees, she said, came down, as well. so very scary for this resident and many others. take a look at the damage all over town. lots of trees down. utility lines pulled down. utility poles down, as well. at this point concord fire as well as the local area, they are assessing the damage now that it's brighter out and there is more daylight.
6:33 am
residents in town, and warning them to stay away from trees and any potentially live wires because right now the power is still live. the power is hot, so there is a lot of concern. but so far this morning no injuries, but they are still it is -- assessing the damage. the national weather service will be here as well to see if this was a tornado. live this morning in concord, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: we have a number of smaller roads being impacted by this olessa. olessa: and major roads being impacted. sky5 on the scene in concord. you can see some of the candlelight -- damage. downed trees and power lines, and power outages so we'll keep you posted. let's check your ride. once again there is the closure that you just saw, shut down between all bedford road and the cambridge turnpike. an accident on 93 south has two lanes closed, right by 128 so you have a heavy backup with that into wilmington and watching this crash on route 1
6:34 am
are watching the delays because of a jack-knifed tractor trailer, and northbound 495 on the ramp to the pike, which itself is 15 minutes, 495 to 128. several disabled cars on 128 northbound at highland avenue, the heavy delays back to 95, and still watching that volume by sabin hill, a crash on the expressway north, delays 30 minutes from braintree into that scene, and trains and buses still on schedule. >> all right, thanks. now to the other stories we're following right now on the eye. >> and erika is tracking that >> an elderly woman was found dead in winchester, it's not clear how she died. a stabbing suspect will face a judge today accused of attacking a man outside of a popular sports bar in woburn. james lyons is facing several charges after friday's incident. the victim is in critical condition. and president barack obama will survey flooding in louisiana. he will head there tomorrow, and more than 3,000 people are still
6:35 am
emily. >> we are learning details about an open tolling policy in massachusetts. the state will hold a briefing today where they are expected to hold the hotlist feature. open tolling is already in place without the hotlist. the technology sends an instant alert to several law enforcement officials when a car with a specific license plate passes under the tolls. this could be used in public emergencies like an amber alert but opponents are concerned about privacy a gathering. that open tolling is expected to be in place on the pike in october with the hotlist. randy: governor baker will help to celebrate new laws meant to protect pets in the commonwealth. a ceremony will be held on wednesday and the law allows first responders to break a car window during the extreme temperatures, in order to rescue animal inside the vehicle and also allows other people, anybody to enter a car if they make reasonable efforts to locate the owner and they also
6:36 am
>> it really is hard to feel like someone hates you. emily: police are searching for vandals. a family returns home from vacation to see their home egged and their gay pride flags gone. this morning police are trying to figure out if this was random or a hate crime but it's a small gesture by neighbors making that family feel safe. cari and lauri ryding have lived in the neighborhood for years, and after the shooting in orlando they put out the gay pride flag. one by one, neighbors put up their own flags, a simple gesture going a long way. >> it's overwhelming. >> yeah. >> it's overwhelming. the support. >> the flags are a symbol to show the vandals, they are not welcome. >> colleges dumping the sat 2 requirement, and why they say it's irrelevant, and even possibly biased.
6:37 am
historic flooding, but one boy is trying to deliver some relief. the kind gesture he made for others on his birthday. emily: here's another look at the storm damage in con in order happening overnight. a tornado warning was issued early this morning. that expired about 4:00 a.m. other storm threats have since passed. we're keeping an eye on all of the damage across the area for
6:38 am
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6:40 am
randy: we continue to watch the showers and thunderstorms work across the state. the damaging weather, it was off to the northwest, and that's all done, the rain is pretty much over the cape and that's where you are seeing the downpours taking place. and be careful, there may be ponding on the roadway, they have been an issue in where we have seen the damage, and how are things out there, olessa. olessa: over the scene of some of that damage, you can see it right here, this is in concord, lexington road shut down in both directions by cambridge street, and old bedford road closed, and also some downed tree limbs so if you are heading out expect the problems, and also in marlborough, the same but the major roadways are in decent shape, i will keep you posted on the latest developments.
6:41 am
his community. and as this southern part of the state tries to cope with massive flooding, nine-year-old carson boutte is bringing them pizza. instead of throwing a party for himself, carson asked people to donate the comfort food for flooding victims, and carson delivered some 363 pizzas in total. >> we are going to give them lunch so they don't have to stop what they are doing. >> what i am more shocked about is how many people donate, and we thought it w j emily: carson's parents didn't think twice about what he wanted to do to help others. randy: coming up we'll be updating the breaking news this morning on the eyeopener, the damage done on the roads, so right now after severe weather overnight, and a death investigation in winchester, the
6:42 am
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60 months
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emily: 6:44 this morning, we have breaking news start, your news to go. you are looking live in marlborough, the aftermath of a tornado warning overnight. there are spotty outages in this area, crews working to get tree limbs off of power lines there, and where this storm hit, it hit hard, mike. >> certainly it did. and in fact, what i put behind us here, this is the radar from 2:45. around 3:00, this is one of the activities going on, and you can see this area right through here, that hook area is what they were most concerned with,
6:45 am
reports of damage, so they said let's issue a tornado warning, very unusual to get a warning here, and much less, in the middle of the night to have something like that. and let me show you where the damage reports are coming in from. it's really in a couple of isolated areas that we're talking about. we've been seeing the reports coming in this morning, the trees down in those areas, and you can see the concord area, marlborough, and power lines, and that's a big issue we've been seeing so far. well, where is the rain? nothing over the north shore, and all of that activity going on between 3:00 and about 5:00, it was all off the shore, and now the only place we're seeing rain is through the south shore. this is really light stuff. and you get out into the cape cod bay, and we'll see this rain pushing into the outer cape so we may get more out of it, and as you travel south, that's where the heaviest cells are at this point. and i do think that the tracking is going to keep it away from chatham so i don't think you will get much rain out of this. the rain is right in through here, so you have another 45 minutes or so before it is all completely out of here, and in
6:46 am
8:00, look how much clearing skies we're talking, about and clouds are gone, and this afternoon, it is wall-to-wall sunshine, and with that, a northwesterly wind that's going to have a breeze to it. even as you look out over the harbor, the clouds are off shore, and the blue skies moving in, and it's 68 degrees, and the dewpoint has been dropping, the humidity is dropping. and last night was really uncomfer, and much more comfortable out in right now, and there is the winds i was talking about this afternoon. they are going to get on the busier side. we'll keep an eye on those because we have had very dry conditions. out at this point so even winds 15 to 25, we may have branches coming down later on but we have a lot of branches come down earlier this morning. let's go out to sera in concord and see what the damage looks like. how is it, sera? sera: a lot of damage here, mike. good morning. take a look. this is hawthorne lane, you can see this tree just uprooted by that storm that came through here this morning. the resident inside jenna was hiding in the bathroom when all
6:47 am
i don't think that my heart has ever beat that fast in my whole life. sera: behind the home another six or seven trees and branches coming down, and crashed into the window where she was sleeping. also under their porch. this was the scene throughout concord, and they have closed down lexington road because that is where the worst damage is. they are warning residents to stay away from the area, away from any trees that might be down because they pulled down power lines, as well, and tho so far, though, no reports of any injuries. live from concord sera congi, newscenter 5. >> we're in marlborough where the winds came through it, brought down trees just to the left of that house. we talk to the gentleman that lives there and yep he said it sounded like a great train when it came through and it also brought down enough branches and brought the wires down and the
6:48 am
now they are starting to get it back but this section of walker street still is in the dark, but it's interesting. folks just across the street from where we are standing right now never lost power at all. doug meehan, newscenter 5. randy: doug and sera, thank you, both. olessa this is impacting the commute. olessa: the secondary roadways have the storm damage, sky5 on the scene as you can see, and some of the damage there, some downed trees, downed power lines and also power outages in that area. this is a liv road in concord. let's get over to the maps. that road is shut down in both directions between cambridge turnpike and old bedford road, because of that storm damage, and they are asking everyone to avoid the area until they cleared the scene. we'll let you know when that happens. and in addition to that we have a couple of problems, 93 south, cleared a crash at 128, so that's good news, slow back into wilmington, and a disabled tractor trailer on the ramp from 495 north to the pike. eastbound on the pike still only 20 minutes. 495 to 128.
6:49 am
to 95. slow on 24 out of brockton. route 3 from weymouth to braintree, an accident cleared on the expressway. a half-hour from braintree to boston. emily: severe weather across the country, thousands are in shelters in baton rouge where president barack obama will survey the damage from devastating flooding tomorrow. meantime nine inches of rain poured down in four hours, outside of san antonio, texas, and there is mixed progress o in northern california the arson fire that destroyed 200 homes is 95% contained but the fires are growing in washington state, a dozen have led to evacuations there, and at least nine tornadoes were reported from michigan to kentucky with a confirmed twister outside of grand rapids. emily and randy. randy: police are trying to solve a mystery in a winchester neighborhood. we know an elderly woman was found dead in this home on
6:50 am
night. investigates are on the scene for hours. we are told that the police was called to this home on 2:00 yesterday afternoon for a report of an unresponsive woman. the woman was taken to leahy clinic and pronounced dead there. >> pills taken from prince's estate contain the powerful opioid fentanyl, and an official says they were counterfeit found inside of aspirin and vitamin bottles tucked in a suitcase. autopsy results show prince died of a fentanyl overdose. or investigating how he got those drugs. new details on the deadly suicide bombing during a wedding in turkey. investigates say that it was a child as young as 12 years old who intentionally detonated the braham. 51 people were killed and 70 others were hurt on the border with syria. isis has claimed responsibility. randy: a deadly mystery in east boston, police are trying to figure out how two women ended up in the middle of the road. mcclellan highway, one was
6:51 am
accident involving a party bus at 2:00 on saturday morning. the company operating the buses are cooperating with the police investigation. the second victim is expected to recover. and mart walsh is expressing concern over what he calls an uptick in city violence after a triple shooting in dorchester. a man was killed and a woman seriously hurt after the shooting saturday night. there have been 22 murders in the city of boston this year. the same number as this date dorchester shooting. emily: nine people are hurt and two seriously after a car slams into a crowd at a outdoor concert in ohio. police say the 74-year-old driver hit the gas instead of the brake. she drove onto the dance floor and struck a telephone pole and another vehicle. so far no charges have been filed. randy: a paraglider is dead after plunging through a church roof in utah. it happened just after 9:00 on
6:52 am
operating a motorized paraglider. witnesses say he was seen spiraling out of control before the crash. the church was evacuated. the services canceled. emily: a death storm rolls across phoenix bringing heavy wind and delaying flights at the airport. it started just before 5:00 on sunday night. the national weather service says visibility was reduced to a quarter mile or less. winds gusted to 60 miles per hour. the air cleared within a couple of hours of the start of the session with a new plan after a zika virus outbreak. repellent was given to the students at miami beach senior high school, which health officials say is in a zika zone. the students have been advised to spray themselves before class and protective clothing also has been given to the students. >> the average cost of a gallon of gas is going up. right now it is $2.17 for a gallon of regular grade, but that's still 54 cents lower than one year ago. and industry analysts say the
6:53 am
>> and several top new england colleges are dropping their requirement for the sat 2, subject test, and in just the past year amherst, dartmouth and williams college have waved the requirement. the administrators say the test gives little insight into a student's ability and can sometimes work against low income and minority students. emily: the sox get rattled early against the tigers. henry owens makes it through two innings unscathed but gives up key hits in the third and then two i and same two on bait and gives up another three-run homer here. it's 8-0 tigers before the sox even get on the board. they go on to lose 10-5. they head to tampa bay to take on the rays at 7:10 tonight. randy: the rio olympic games are over now. team usa finishing with a total of 121 medals and 51 more than second place. china and great britain fell
6:54 am
emily: faneuil hall is heading back for the 70s. they will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the reopening with a disco party. it opened on august 26, 1976 after extensive renovations. this weekend acrobats and other performers will take part in that celebration, and some food merchants have even rolled back prices to what they were 40 years ago. olessa: i can finally use my dance moves, see. emily: you will fit a live look outside from sky5. we're looking at lexington road in concord because of the storm damage that we had overnight. you can see some of the downed tree limbs and power lines, so they are asking everyone to avoid this area until they have cleaned this situation up. let's get to the maps and i will show you again lexington road in concord both directions cambridge, turn pied to old bedford road. an accident cleared away here by 128. we did have two lanes closed. so the backup is back into
6:55 am
jack-knifed tractor trailer there, the pike eastbound, 20 minutes, 495 to 128. 128 northbound, slow from 95 up to highland avenue, several cars there, and off to the shoulder but it is really slowing things down, and then 24 heavy out of brockton as well as the expressway. 30 minutes braintree into boston with an accident cleared away by sabin hill. trains and buses on schedule. mike is here with a look at the storm damage. mike: and i love the beachy moves. we had the rain go through, the rain is winding down. we're almost done but this morning between 3:00 and 4:00 is when we had the severe weather damage out there, and the national weather service is going to be surveying the situation to find out was it straight lineup winds or a tornado. ing for going on, on the north shore, most of the south shore, a few sprinkles, and you head towards the cape, we have got to go to the outer cape, and otherwise down towards nantucket, we have had good downpours, rainfall, beneficial across the area, and we have had anywhere from a quarter of an inch to over an inch.
6:56 am
today it's going to randolph around 82 degrees, but it is going to be on the breezy side, the winds out of the northwest, ushering in the cooler air that we're going to be enjoying in the afternoon hours. and for tomorrow it looks like we have a chilly start coming in our direction. it looks like it's one of those days that we have temperatures in the 40s perhaps and even a few 50s. it's going to be on the cool side, we robe nicely up to 78 degrees. the humidity is down. wednesday, humidity is down as well. and the temperature starts to come up a bit. it's dry. and by the time we get to thursday the humidity is starting to come back. not as bad as it was last night. but enough so that it sets us up for a chance of seeing thunderstorms on friday, so one more 90-degree day, and it's a possibility this week, and as the temperatures give us the thunderstorms during the afternoon. and behind it dries off and clears out and next weekend is not looking too bad. we have had a series of great weekends. we just need the rain but we got that last night and strong thunderstorms rumbling through.
6:57 am
the damage not so much. mike: most of us did get good rain out of the whole thing. emily: and the national weather service is heading out to see if it was a tornado. so we'll keep you posted. randy: thank you very much for joining us. we hope you have a fantastic monday. emily: we'll be back at noon and
6:58 am
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good morning, america. three massive wildfires are tearing through washington. families evacuated. a ring of flames, clouds of smoke destroy homes. firefighters battle 25 major blazes in the west. trump's new tactic. his campaign signaling a possible change on immigration as he faces backlash over his attempts to appeal to minorities andhi e-mails. is she trying to blame colin powell for her problem? ryan lochte still under fire despite his tearful apology for that scandal in rio. >> i just want to say i am truly 110%, i am sorry and it won't happen again. i lerred from it. >> the u.s. olympic committee says the gold medalist and his teammates aren't off the lock. now lochte facing questions about endorsements and his future in the pool.


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